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Return of Maria Robotnik 19 by lu-raziel Return of Maria Robotnik 19 by lu-raziel
Return of Maria Robotnik part 19:

Late that night Shadow and Maria find their way through the city of Palma, and down to a patch that runs along the ocean, while they walk they enjoy the beauty of the water.

“So... how was the pizza?” Shadow asks and takes a sip from his espresso. Originally he had the intention of inviting her on a real restaurant with fine food, but Maria had insisted on pizza. Possibly because she had seen many people eating them, and never tried one herself.

“That was delicious! It is no wonder why people like them so much! Strange that they are only considered as fastfood…” She says excited and takes a bite of an ice-cream. Shadow smiles a little to himself, he had been around long enough to know why.

"Perhaps next time we could go to a real restaurant… I have heard they serve something called Tapas here in Spain.” He says and stirs in his coffee. Even though Maria was content with her pizza, Shadow still wanted to give her a more special, kinda romantic dinner.

“Isn’t that expensive?” She asks him.

The hedgehog laughs. “Money is not a problem. I work for GUN and they pay me well, plus I don’t have a house, no car or anything at all. It is only food I basically pay for…” He explains and takes a sip from his coffee.
“It is mostly open sandwiches and other smaller meals ready to eat, I buy…”

“So that is why you ask me to make pancakes to you that often?” Maria asks.

“I like your pancakes. No one can make them as you do…”

“You had them at least 10 times this month… and you still haven’t grown tired of them!” Maria chuckles.

“Nope… you can’t have enough pancakes.” He says simply.

As they walk, faint music start breaking the silence and palm trees with lights starts emerging in the distance.

“Seems we are nearing a disco district.” Shadow says displeased and slows down.
Maria keeps going a little longer and stops too.

“Can you hear that? It sounds familiar…” She says as she finishes her ice cream and starts walking towards a bar, Shadow hesitates but follows her, and as he gets closer it becomes more and more clear what music they play.

“Hey ins't that?” He asks.

“Yes, the record we used to listen to back on the ARK!” Maria says cheerfully and takes his hand.
“Let’s go inside and listen.”

They find themselves a table and listens to the music for a while. The bar had a nature theme as instead of sunshades they had small trees with dense tops. There were pots with plants everywhere and the seats and tablecloth were coloured with flowers.

While Maria enjoys the music, Shadow looks around and realizes that they are not just the only mobians, they are also by far the youngest guests in the bar.
At the counter Shadow spots and elderly man, who studies them and calls for someone in the backstage. He sighs and in the same moment he turns his sight, he is met by a very bright flash.

“Shadow the Hedgehog! What brings you here to Mallorca and who is this lovely lady? A girlfriend?” A crimson and white mobian fox asks and holds out a tape recorder. His companion, an ordinary man takes another picture when Maria turns her head to see what is going on.

“What does Rouge… and Omega think of this?” The fox tries again and holds the recorder closer to Shadow.

“Leave us alone” He mumbles fretful, and takes Maria´s hand.

“Can we have a kiss?” The cameraman asks and comes closer with the camera.

“No!!! But you can have a…” Shadow raises his fist but gets interrupted.

“Ahem!!!!” The two journalists turn around and spots and old large lady in company with two tanned bodybuilders.

“Boys!” She yells and the goons grab the two journalists and throw them out.

“And stay out!!!” She shouts “Else it will be Mamma here to deal with you next time!!!”

She turns around a faces the two young mobians “I know I seemed a little rough, but I can’t have people wandering around and bothering my guests.”

“You can’t be too rough with that kind of people.” Shadow mumbles.

Maria chuckles a little “Thank you miss.”

“It was nothing hon. You can call me Mamma Maria” The large lady says.

“Funny. Seems we have the same name, sister.” The yellow hedgehog girl chuckles.

“Your name is Maria too?” A man´s voice sounds from the counter. It was the same guy who had been watching them.
“Then there is a free drink for both of you!” He says and starts mixing.

“The bar´s name is Mamma Maria, and we have the policy here that everyone, who is named Maria, can have a free drink.” She explains and takes a seat, the chair creaked a little by her weight.

“Thanks husband.” She says when he comes with four drinks. He too joins them at the table.

"People have for a while been wondering what is up with the two of you. The latest gossip issues have promised a reward to the person, who can take a picture and find out who you are Maria… and your relation to Shadow.” The lady says and takes a sip from her drink.

“Why´s that?” The mobian girl asks.

“Shadow is known as the ultimate lifeform and there aren’t many mobians. It makes him a celebrity.” The old man says and his wife nods.

"Plus a romantic story of two lovers, who had run away is always a good story.” The woman explains and laughs a little when both Maria and Shadow blush.

“Well we are not exactly lovers..” Maria explains.

“We are more like family…” Shadow says.

"Pity, you two would make a nice couple.” The old lady says disappointed, but smiles a little as it was obvious for her that they were attracted to each other.

“So you two run this place?” Shadow asks, trying to lead the attention away from himself and Maria.

“Yes. We have had this bar for 20 years. Most of the costumers are patrons, both locals and tourists whom have visited Palma many times in years.” The man says.

“Our boys are so kind and they help us a lot. When they are not chasing tourist girls they help us with tending the bar. And they make a splendid pair of bouncers.” Mamma Maria says proudly and her sons wave their way.
Maria giggles a little by the gesture when one of them blinks to her. Shadow snorts and turns his back to them.
The music stops and a new number start playing.

“Oh! That is a good one!” The old lady exclaims. “Come and dance with me boy!” She picks up the surprised Shadow and pulls him out onto the dance floor.
Maria couldn’t help but laugh at the speechless Shadow, who now tumbled around with the huge woman who was at least five times bigger than himself.

The old man stands up and bows for Maria. “Can I have this dance miss?”

“Sure.” She smiles and follows him.

Outside the bar, a group of four young mobians pass by. A female mobian calico cat, who presumably lead the group, talked, laughed and had a good time with two mobian hedgehog girls. One green with blue-eyes and one ebony black with blue patterns and eyes.
Closely behind them, a dark-blue mobian cat boy followed them, quiet as an ordinary domestic cat.
He didn’t take part in the conversation, as it obviously was of no interest to him… he had only gone along because his partner Skates, the green hedgehog girl, had insisted…

When they walk by the bar something captures the dark-blue cat's attention, inside he spots familiar face… it was his old colleague Shadow.
He smugs to himself as he had found a way out of his boredom, and he turns his attention to the youngest of girls.

“Yo Sheena… Isn't that Shadow the Hedgehog?” The dark-blue cat asks cunningly to his young ebony black companion.
She stops and studies the dark and crimson red creature, her eyes widen and she smiles.

“Oh my goodness!” She whispers and takes a step closer.
“ It is him!” She exclaims excited.

“Who?” The green hedgehog girl asks and stops, so does the calico girl.

“It is Shadow! The Shadow the hedgehog!” The black and blue hedgehog girl says with sparkles in her eyes.

“No way!” The green hedgehog girl says and comes closer to have a look. Her eyes widen when she sees him.
“What is he doing here?” She mumbled to herself in wonder. The calico cat follows her curiously to see for herself.
“So this is Shadow the Hedgehog… well what do you know….” She says and tilts her head a bit.

“Ikuto where are you going?” The green hedgehog asks the dark-blue mobian.

“Saying hi to him…” The cat boy responds.

“Wait for me I am coming with you!” The ebony girl says and follows him so does the green mobian hedgehog.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? What if he wants to be left alone?” The calico cat asks, as they are leaving… She sighs and smiles to herself and follows them.

Inside the bar, the music stops and the old woman lets go of Shadow. She smiles motherly at him.
“You are not as bad a dancer as you claim to be.” She laughs and gives him a gentle pat on the shoulder. Shadow gives her an awkward nod as a response, he turns his sight to Maria who curtseys to her partner. He smiles a little to himself, but that quickly fades into a frown when he sees Ikuto in the entrance with a big grin.

“Care for another dance Shadow?” The old woman asks.

“No thanks I think I will pass.” Shadow says seriously and goes to Ikuto in the doorway.

“Suit yourself.” The lady shrugs.

“Hi Shadow my friend! Long time no see!” The dark blue-cat says as Shadow comes closer.
“So the rumors are true, you have runaway with a girl… and she is a real beauty.” He says with a grin and points at Maria who are talking with the old couple.

"Please Ikuto spare me for this, she is not my girlfriend… What are you doing here? Have GUN send you to find me?" The ebony and crimson Hedgehog asks and crosses his arms.

“Not exactly… Skates and I have a different task here… But you are soon to be found by a wave of estrogen if you don’t move it pal.” The cat says teasing.

“Beg you pardon?” Shadow asks puzzled, the dark-blue cat grins and points outside. Shadow hesitates, but looks carefully outside, and is then met by a pair of bright blue eyes sparkling with joy!

“Shadow! It is really you!” A black and blue hedgehog girl exclaims excited. She grabs the speechless Shadow´s hand and shakes it.
“It is an honor and a pleasure to finally meet the great Shadow the Hedgehog! The ultimate life form!” She smiles and let go. “I am one of your biggest fans!”

“Oh? Okay…” The dark hedgehog replies not knowing what to say, he was use to most people either ignoring him or kept great distance him. It was the first time that he had actually met someone who admired him.

“Would you do me a favor? Sign me an autograph pretty please?” She asks him begging.

“Sure he will.” A soft voice sounds behind them, it was Maria, she hands a pen to the speechless Shadow and gives him a gently push.
“See! I told you people like you!” She whispers in his ear.
The young hedgehog girl holds out her hand and lets Shadow sign her glove, after writing the letters he finishes it with his trademark logo.

“Thanks, I will treasure it always!” She says smiling and gives Shadow a hug to his surprise.
All this time, he had let himself to believe that no one cared about him, that he was meant to live his life in the shadows as a solitary soldier. Not trusted or accepted by the people he actually protected and risked his own life for…
The meeting with this young girl, made him realize Maria was right all along, it was rewarding making people happy. He smiles a little to himself and hugs back.
“You are welcome Sheena.” He says and they let go of each other.

“I don’t think we have introduced ourselves to each other yet, I am Skates... Skates the Hedgehog, I am a colleague of yours.” The green hedgehog holds out her hand and Shadow takes it and they shake hands.

“Yes… you do seem familiar. There are many employees at the company. Getting to know all can indeed be difficult. ” He says and lets go of her hand.

“And at very least… I am Claire the Calico cat.” The female cat waves. “I hope we didn’t disturb you. It is not every day you get a chance to meet a celebrity.” The calico cat chuckles.

“Not at all, your timing was perfect, we just finished dancing when you guys arrived.” Maria says to the four new arrivals.

“Yo kids! Want a table?” The old woman shouts from the counter.

“Will you join us?” Maria asks the four mobians.

“Sure thing! Right guys?” The calico cat asks her companions.

“Hell ya…! Oops! Sorry.” The black and blue hedgehog apologies, before she follows Shadow and the others to a table.
As they sit down a white, mobian, tiger girl with ebony hair emerge from the doorway.

“Sorry I am late!” She gasps.
“There was an accident in the centre of the city, and that stopped almost all traffic!” She says as she enters the bar.

“That's ok, Levina. Take a chair and catch your breath child.” The old woman responds motherly. The white tiger girl nods and goes backstage.
When the she is gone, the old woman turns her attention to the table with the mobians.

“Levina is an old friend of ours. She and her parents are patrons here at Maria´s. This year her folks weren’t going on vacation, but Levina wanted it really bad. So we made an agreement, she gets free board and lodging if she helps us out here in the bar. So she pays only for the ticket…” The old Maria explains to the mobians as more people arrive in the bar.

“Oh my! Seems we are gonna have a busy night tonight” The old woman says joyful as the young tigress returns.
“This table is yours. Levina, make our guests comfortable.” The old woman instructs before she leaves to tend her new guests. The white furred girl nods to her employer and turns her attention to the table.

“Good evening. What will it be?” She asks them and brings up a small notebook.

”Orange juice please, I am not into that alcohol thing.” The young black and blue hedgehog girl says and admires her signed glove.

“Hmm... I think I will take a Shirley Temple.” The green hedgehog girl says after a short moment of thinking.

“An orange-pineapple soda for me please.” The calico cats says.

“An orange-pineapple soda… yes.” The white tigress mumbles while she writes in her notebook.

“I'll just take a Root beer soda.” Shadow says dry.

Ikuto smirks “I'll take the same.”

The tiger girl nods and notes the orders.
“What about you?” She asks Maria.

“I think I'll just have a coke.” The yellow hedgehog girl shrugs.

“May I suggest the house specialty? It is basically coke with mint leafs and lime. We call it 'Cola Mojito.' The white tigress explains.

Maria thinks for a moment. “Alright then, I would like to try one.”

“It is on the way.” Levina smiles and leaves the table.

“So, what are you guys doing here?” Skates asks Shadow and Maria.

“We are on a vacation, we are traveling around the world.” The yellow hedgehog explains to the curious mobians.

“How do you know Shadow?” Sheena asks.

“Well that is a long story… for some time ago he saved me from some bullies…” Maria tells how Shadow rescued her and brought her back to full health. She had no intentions of revealing her true story as she highly doubted anyone would believe her.
While she fills them in, Ikuto sees his chance to get a “real” conversation and aims his attention at his colleague.

“So Shadow, is all this just a vacation or are you up to something?” The dark-blue cat asks.

“Maria wishes to see the world and I'd like to show it to her.” He says dry.
The cat looks at him for a while.

“I see.” Ikuto says and receives his beer when Levina returns.

“Skates and I are investigating in something that looks like a potential serial killer… The freaks targets are young human girls with blond hair and blue eyes. There have been 3 murders so far and the strange thing is their names were Maria. All committed in different places in the world, one in Europe and two in America. We have reasons to believe it is not a human or an ordinary mobian we are dealing with.” He says and takes a sip from his glass.

“If I were you I would keep an eye on her. Even though she is not human, she shares many traits with his victims, and name.” The cat says and puts his glass down.

Shadow looks at him for a while, and then turns his sight at his friend Maria, who talks and giggles with the other girls.

“What about you? What are you guys doing here?” Maria asks and stirs in her drink before taking a sip.

“Well… we all won this art-contest, some girl from Deviant Art held.” Claire the calico cat explains and the other girls nod.

“So what was this contest about? And what is Deviant Art?” The yellow hedgehog asks.

“Deviant art is a website for all artists from around the globe. Skates, Ikuto and I are from US, Sheena is from Kuwait.” The calico cat says and takes her glass.

“Oh… then you guys are very far away from home!” Maria says amazed.

The cat girl nods and takes a sip from her glass and puts it back on the table. “The contest was centered around this girl´s online story, I think she was called Louise, and the winners won tickets to this place. If you ask me… That is a ridiculous big prize considering it was financed by a private person…. But that is not my problem… Now lets have a toast!” She says and raises her glass, and so does the other. “May we all have a great vacation here on Malorca.”

“Here Here!”

“You should visit the website some time! There are some pretty neat pictures of Shadow and Sonic” Sheena says encouraging, but gets silenced by her friend in green.

“Or maybe you shouldn’t. There are some… um… kinda… bizarre ones if you know what I mean.” Skates tries, not knowing what to say.

“Yaoi?” Ikuto asks teasing

“Thanks…” Skates says sarcastically. “…Like I said, maybe it is for the best none of you go there.”


“Anywho… We were planning on waterskiing and practicing on our jetboards while we are here. This upcoming summer, there will be held a new Sonic Rider contest and this year it is possible for normal mortals like us to participate, so I am definitely going to train.” The Calico cat says in order to re-establish the good mood.

“And so am I! I am definitely gonna go there. I have some unfinished business with a friend of mine.” Skates says confidently.
“That parrot wouldn’t know what hit him! Hee, hee!” She smirks.
In the distance the music changes.

“Oh I love Queen!” Claire exclaims.

“Let’s go dance! Are you coming Maria?” Skates asks as the other girls stands up.

“Oh… um… Sure.” She stands up and follows the others.

Their example is not gone unnoticed by the other guests and soon the floor is full. During the song, both Maria and Sheena has a hard time to resists to sing along, and soon the rest of the floor does the same.
When the music changes again, Maria turns her attention to her still sitting companion, she gives him a little flirting smile as she dances his way, which causes the ebony hedgehog´s fur to raise.
Even though it was an innocence dance, he found her movement rather seducing. And when she took his hand, he was soft like clay in his legs and he followed her blindly to the floor.
On the floor she places his hands on her hips, which causes the dark hedgehog to blush. She simply smiles and rests her hands on his shoulders, and slowly they move to the music.

(You can hear the music here: [link] )
“I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you
Every single day...”
To Maria´s great surprise, Shadow started all of sudden to sing along softly in her ear. She smiles more and tightens her grip around him, as she feels very privileged to have him singing for her, well knowing that music or dancing wasn’t his thing.
I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life

You are the one for me
I am the man for you
You were made for me
You're my ecstasy
If I was given every opportunity
I'd kill for your love

So take a chance with me
Let me romance with you
I'm caught in a dream
And my dream's come true
It's so hard to believe
This is happening to me
An amazing feeling
Comin' through”

“Thanks Shadow. Now you've made me very happy.” She whispers in his ear with a small tear in her eyes as she was emotionally overwhelmed.

Later that same evening:

“Man I have never had so much fun. Thanks guys.” Maria says as she waves at the mobians who now head back to their hotel.

“You can always come and see us! Perhaps you would like to try riding a jetboard some time?!” Skates calls back.

“I will!” She smiles as she turns around and starts walking with Shadow. None of them spoke, but that didn’t matter, as long they were together.
Maria had never been so happy before, it was definitely the best day of her life. Having Shadow singing for her, was the most special thing anyone had done for her, and in that instance she realized how much she actually loved him.
Being a mobian herself, it now became obvious to her why so many females adored him. As she now found him very physically attractive herself, and she didn’t just see him as being cute and adorable like a big plushie any longer .
She really wanted to be more than friends with him, and after his gesture she might had a shot!
Carefully she takes his hand into hers, the sudden contact comes as a surprise to the dark hedgehog. But he smiles a little and gives her hands a gentle squeeze.
The moon was full and everything around them seemed so quiet, when their path lead them to the ocean, they both stopped. At first they just stare at the sky and the water and then… at each other.

“Your eyes are really like ruby´s” Maria says with a low voice and leans a little closer like she is looking, it causes Shadow´s fur to raise and his heartbeat to increase. It was difficult to hold back and he too leaned closer as well.

“And yours are like….” He says and gets silenced when his nose touched hers, instinctive he started to close his eyes and tilts his head a little, when he could feel her warm breath on his lips.

“OOOH MY GOD!!!! IT IS HIM!” A girl suddenly screams hysterically, Shadow and Maria look up and see two very young mobian girls coming their way, a chubby pig with blond curled hair and blue eyes, and the other one was a bright pink cheetah with a very short black skirt and purple eyes.

“Move aside sister! He is mine!” The pink cheetah sneers as she and her girlfriend start running towards the hedgehogs.

“Damn!... That is way too much fangirl for me today! I am out of here!” Shadow growls annoyed, he grabs Maria and runs off with her.

“So close…” She thinks to herself annoyed.

“Lets go back to the caravan… it is late. Tomorrow we leave this island. Too many are aware of our presence.” Shadow says to his friend and she nods.

“Yeah. I think you are right. But before we leave, I would like to say good bye properly to Mama Maria and Fritz. I think the bar is still open.” The yellow hedgehog says and her friend makes a sharp turn and runs towards the city.

Back at the bar the old woman is showing her last guest out, they talk and laugh before they leave. She stands in the entrance for a moment and waves, before she goes back inside, and helps her husband and crew clean up.

“Well it is almost four in the morning. I think we should close for today.” The old lady says and gathers the empty glass from the table.
A swoosh sounds behind her and she turns around to face the two hedgehogs. She smiles when she sees them.

“Ah bambinis! You came back!” She says happily.

“We couldn’t leave without saying good-bye.” Maria says and takes her hand. “It was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to meet you too kids. Are you going back to your hotel now?” Old woman asks motherly.

“Caravan, and yes we are going back there to sleep.” Shadow says and his yellow friend nods.

The old man whispers in the large woman´s ear and she nods.

“You two shouldn’t wander alone outside the city at this time! Fritz and I have a small guesthouse near the ocean you can sleep in for the night.”

“No thanks, we won’t be of any trouble…” Shadow says, but gets interrupted.

“Aww, come on. I insist.” The large lady says and leads the mobians out of the bar.

A few moments later, they arrive at a small wood house near the shore to the ocean.

“It is in here…” The woman says and unlocks the door. “Step inside.”

The house itself was just a small cosy bedroom with a celestial bed that dominated the room and a tiny bathroom. It had an old fashioned romantic touch and everything was new and well kept.

“Oh my! It is beautiful!” Maria says amazed and she steps inside.

“Yeah isn’t it? This little house is my pride. I have this idea that once it is complete, I would either rent it out for people, or use it myself… if I can persuade my man.” She chuckles and pushes the hesitating Shadow inside.

“And if you listen, you can hear the relaxing sound of the ocean…” The old lady says and for a moment all three listen to the sound.

“How much does this cost…?” Maria asks.

“Don’t think of it honey. Consider that you are my first test subjects. There's soap, cloths, towels… and toilet paper, if you get any ideas.” She laughs and closes the door. “There is breakfast tomorrow. Night! Night!”

Both Shadow and Maria stand completely speechless and look at the door, they where both blushing and none of them spoke.

After a moment Maria was the first to break the silence.

“Well… shall we go to sleep? She asks her ebony friend.

“You take the bed, I sleep on the floor.” He says dry.
Maria looks at the floor and back at him.

“You do realize it will be rather cold right? The bed is made for humans, there is room enough for both of us.” She says and sits down on the bed and removes her shoes. Shadow doesn’t answer, he sits down on the floor and removes his shoes.

“What is the matter with you? You didn’t seem to mind back on the ark…” Maria says confused.
During their trip Maria and Shadow had slept in separate bunk beds in the caravan.

“Have I said or done something?” She asks all of sudden with a slightly sad tone.
Shadow raises his ears.

“No no not at all… it’s just… ” He stands up. “We aren’t kids anymore, I think…. I thought…”

“Shadow, it’s okay, nothing is gonna happen…” She says calmly. “I trust you, and you trust me right?”

The ebony and crimson hedgehog nods. He sighs a little and carefully he lays himself next to her. To Shadow´s dismay there was only one duvet, so they had sleep close.

“You are my best friend Shadow.” She whisper in his ears.

“And you mine.” He whispers as he starts to relax.

“We will always be friends. Always right?”

“Always!” He smiles.

She yawns a bit and falls asleep right away, Shadow watches her for a while before turning his sight to the roof, in the faint moonlight the fabric from the celestial bed glitters a little.
He couldn’t quite figure out what he should feel about this. Deep down, was this was what he wanted most, but at the same time it felt wrong…
Wrong because he was and is technically her uncle… Gerald had always treated him as a son, not just as an experiment and she was the professor’s granddaughter. Gerald had asked him to be her friend and to take care of her, when he still lived…
He also feared he could do her harm if he became unable to control his restraints… As she lay so close to him and he could feel her body heat, smell her and hear her very heart beat, the temptation was there and this time greater!
He had to admit that when they almost kissed, he forgot all his worries and concerns, all he wanted in that moment was to be with her… He frankly became very upset and angry when they were disturbed as he lost his chance.
He was confused… What was he suppose to do? If he made his move, he could either win everything or lose everything… but by doing nothing, he could keep what he had now.
A small yawn sounds from the other side of the bed, and Maria comes closer. Shadow´s heart skips a beat and he holds his breath, when she snuggles in his arms and holds them tight while she gives a blissful sigh.
On the other hand… it was her who had invited him to sleep next to her… And even though he was a little tense, he had to admit this was actually very comfortable and it was innocent… What could be wrong with a little bit snuggling? He smiles a little to himself and tightens his grip around his friend.

“Good night Maria…” He whispers.

Same night, somewhere else far, far away.

The old doctor sits in his office and draws on some papers, his surroundings are a big mess, indicating he had a huge fit of rage.
He sighs, takes of his glasses and rubs himself in the face. He was tired but he couldn’t find the peace needed to get a good night sleep…
He turns his sight to a photo on the table with himself, Maria and his henchbots, even NANNY was in it too. Originally, he only intended this picture to be with just himself and Maria, but she had insisted the robots should be there, as she considered them as family too.

“Why did you run away...?” He says while studying the picture.
“Maybe I should have told her she was sick. Now… she wanders around, oblivious to her bones crumbling away… it is now just a question of time before something awful happens…”

“Doctor?” Bocoe peaks his head inside of the office.

“What is it now?! Can't I have a moment to work in peace?” The old man growls annoyed.

“The Mega Egg X Computer has picked up an image with Maria, sent from Mallorca to Ekstra Hadet, the Danish gossip magazine we hacked yesterday. “

“Mallorca?! Of all the places in the world they choose a tourist trap full of people to hide!” The bald man stands up and rushes towards the door.

"Pack you gears boys! We are going to Spain immediately!!! ”
And this was all for this time merry Christmas everyone :woohoo:

Ikuto the Cat is copyright :iconskylergirl94:

Sheena The Hedgehog is copyright :iconsheenathehedgehog:

Claire the Calico Cat is copyright :iconneeko48:

Skates the Hedgehog is copyright :iconhealing-touch:

Levina the Tiger is copyright :iconteamfusion117:

Shadow the Hedgehog and the original Maria Robotnik are copyright SEGA!

Story and art is copyright ME don’t take it without permission!

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