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Enter Metal Girlfriend P2 by lu-raziel Enter Metal Girlfriend P2 by lu-raziel
Finally I got to upload this baby and finish one of my fanfics! and it was about time! With no computer of my own for so looong, has delayed all my projects :frustrated:

I have been experimenting with other colouring/shading techniques, and to my great surprise this piece didn’t take much longer to create compared to an inked one :D

I don’t know much of the rating system in USA or other places in the world, so I will just give you a heads up, the story contains blood and violence!

I am aware that must people who visits my page here at DA, is here for my Return of Maria Robotnik story, but I hoped you guys would give my other writings a chance ^^;

The fan-fiction you are about to read is mostly based on fan-characters. If you don’t like them, this story is not for you! Anyone else, Happy reading!!! :typerhappy:
If you missed the first episode you can find it here:

Misadventure with Ember and Gyro: Enter Metal Kinomi Part 2

"What is that noise?!! What on earth is going on here?!!!" Ember shouts as she returns to Gyro´s bedroom.
She gasps when she sees the hole in the wall.

"Why can't I ever leave you alone with your toys?" She sighs and kicks a brick.
"I better get the robot squad here… But seriously, I doubt they can fix the wall before mother gets home..." She says and picks up her cellphone but hesitates.

"Gyro, are you ok?" She asks worried and bends down where he sits and holds his hand. She gently removes his glove and carefully touches his hand.

"What happened to your wrist?! She did that to you? THAT BITCH!!!" Ember shouts angry and stands up but her brother grabs her skirt before she could take a step.

"We have more important matters to worry about... Kinomi was here..." He sighs.

"She was what? Oh god... so that is why the machine went ballistic..." Ember says and looks at the wall again.

"It is not that, or well kinda... I was trying to deactivate Metal Kin and... Kinomi saw us... and fled..." Gyro explains to his sister.

"You really screwed this up...” The red hedgehog girl sighs and shakes her head a little.
“We better find her before she leaves our timeline, maybe this time for good." Ember says and gets her brother back on his feet.
Gyro nodes to her words and grabs his phone and calls the robot staff in the house. Few moments’ later, robots are working on the wall and cleaning the mess away, while they do that, Gyro and Ember hits the road searching for Kinomi.

A few kilometers away on the outskirts of a nearby city, Kinomi walks all silently among spruces in the wood. She didn’t knew where to go or who to turn to... The only people she had here was Gyro and his family. But she couldn’t face them… not after this humiliation and it wasn’t the first time she had been burned by a guy...

"Why Gyro? why...? Am I not good enough since you make a replica?" She thought to herself as she shed a tear.
In the distance, she peeks up a very faint hissing sound. She looks in the direction where it comes from and sees a large building where something is being painted with red spray paint.
"What the?" Kinomi says puzzled.
"What is going on? That can’t be a ghost..." She says confused and heads towards the city. As she comes closer, the unknown person draws a heart and writes G + M.K. on the huge wall.
Kinomi stops when she is meet by a puzzled crowd of citizens and looks at the building for a while. "That is odd..."
Around her she could her people mumbling and whispering to each other, all of sudden a scream sounds.

"RUN! RUN!" A young man shouts and all people start to panic and flee.
Kinomi looks around and sees an object coming her way, she ducks and when it hits the ground it explodes, the impact cause Kinomi to fall on her knees.

"You stay away from him! You hear me!!! He is mine! All MINE!!!" A voice similar to Kinomi´s echoes. The albino hedgehog looks up and spots a dark figure hovering in the cloud of dust.

"This is a warning. Near him and you are dead meat, hedgehog!!!" The figure shouts mad and comes out of the cloud, it was Metal Kinomi. She transforms her arms to weapons and start shooting rapidly. Kinomi jumps back on her feet and starts running in order to avoid the bullets and missiles.

"Leave!!! You are not welcome!!!" The machine threats when she runs out of ammo and flies away.

"You know what? I don’t want to be here at all anymore... You can have him! You deserve each other!!!" Kinomi shouts angry after the mad robot with a raised first.
When she is gone, Kinomi sighs and looks down all mute. In the distance, she can hear the sound of mumbling and looks around. Everything within a few meters from her was totally blown to pieces, and from corners and buildings people started to emerge, all confused and scared. They all looked questioning at the white albino hedgehog, who was the mechanic horror´s target. She takes a step away when they near her.

“I don’t know anything! Leave me alone!!!” She shouts angry at them and runs off. She runs and runs to till she reaches a green area in the city, which was the park. She slows down and walks to a tree, here she sits down.
She sighs a little and studies a nearby bench… it was there Gyro gave her that flower for 5 years ago… Which was technically only 17 weeks for her, due to the time traveling…

“Why did he build that monster?! God... This is ridiculous! He's the reason that I come back in time…” She digs her hand in the pocket and picks up a beautiful gem, the Chronos Emerald. A stone so powerful that it allows it´s owner to travel across time to any wished timeline.

“I don’t belong here…” She says as she studies it.
“I better get home…” The white hedgehog says and stands up
“Chronos con…”

“KINOMI WAIT!!!” A familiar voice echoes in the trees.
Kinomi looks in the direction where it comes from and sees to her surprise Ember coming her way. The red mobian stops right next to her and breathe heavily; the raspy sound indicates that she had been running.

“You mustn’t go till you hear me out!” She gasps and rests her hand up against the tree.
“God, it is moments like this I should have been the fast one…”

“You knew of this, didn’t you? And you still asked me to come!” Kinomi says annoyed and crossed her arms.

“True… I did, but there is more to it as it seems…” The red hedgehog explains.

“Yeah? And how’s that?” The white hedgehog asks doubtful.

“When you saw the robot, wasn’t there something odd about its appearance that caught your attention?” Ember asks the albino hedgehog girl.

“It looked like me… but what has it with this matter to do?” Kinomi sighs.

“He likes you, Kinomi! Don’t you get it? Since we were kids, he haven’t stopped thinking of you, he wishes to be with you.” Ember explains to the speechless albino hedgehog.

“… But if that is true… that doesn’t explain why he made that machine.” The white mobian says questioning.
“Isn’t that obvious? He is shy and insecure, he is simply afraid of being rejected… He is a very sensitive guy.” The red hedgehog girl says.
“The reason I called you, is I wanted him to face his fear and get him to ask you out, so he can get peace in mind and hopefully be happy…”

“Are you serious?” Kinomi asks a little hesitating.
“Of course I am, I love my little brother and I would never cause him any trouble…. Hell! Read this!” Ember says and hands Kinomi a book from her pocket.

“Gyro´s diary?! Ember! You didn’t!” Kinomi says repellent.

“Go on! Have a look! It can’t be much worse for him now as it is.” Ember tries but Kinomi takes a step away from her.

“That is not the way I wish to find out… Chronos Control!!!” The white hedgehog shouts and is gone in a bright flash.
“WAIT!!!!” Ember yells, but it is too late, Kinomi is gone…

Same time somewhere else in the city.
Gyro runs up and down the streets searching, with his healthy hand, he tries desperate to call Kinomi on the phone, but no one is answering. His other hand is wrapped in bandage. It is obviously painful for him to be moving, but it didn’t hold him back.
When he turn corner at a bookstore, he almost collide with another young mobian, Gyro makes a swift move and jumps to the side to preventing it from happening. As he continues, he hears his name being shouted behind him, he looks back and realizes it was his friend, Hope, he almost ran over. She waves his way and the ebony hedgehog turns around and runs back to her.

“Hey, what is the big fuzz about? It's two hours before shops closes… Want a cookie birthday-boy?” She asks cheerful and eats one herself.

“Hope, you wouldn’t happen to have seen Kinomi?” Gyro asks begging the orange and red fox girl.

“Kinomi? Well..., I heard something odd was going on down town for few moment ago. Something about an albino hedgehog and a robot fighting.” The girl fox says uneasy.
“Is she in trouble?” She asks concerned.

“Maybe” Gyro says worried and looks around.
“You wouldn’t happen to know more specifically?” He asks her. The fox girl turns thoughtful for a moment.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know where, but I heard the machine had been painting graffiti on one of the skyscrapers far up, we shouldn’t miss it… I will take a look.” She says and takes off.
“It's that way!” She says after a moment of looking and points to Gyro´s right.

“Thanks Hope, I owe you one.” Gyro says happily and runs of followed closely by the red and orange fox.

“You know Gyro… There is this upcoming ball at the school and I was wondering if you….” Hope says but silences when they have reached the building.
“Now that is creepy…” She says when she sees the heart and G + M.K. written on the wall.
“Someone apparently has a great urge to express he or she´s love” She chuckles and looks at Gyro who looks very disturbed and scared.
“Gyro, what is the matter? You look like you have seen a ghost…”

“DUCK!” He shouts as he grabs her arm and pulls her to the side, few seconds later a missile hits the ground where she stood few moments ago. The impact from the explosion caused Hope to fall and lands in Gyro´s arms.

“I can’t have my back turned to you for one moment! Now you are making out with another girl!!!” A horrifying voice sounds, they look up and sees Metal Kinomi hovering few meters away from them. Gyro quickly pushes Hope away.

“She is not my girl or anything like that! She is innocent!!!” Gyro says and stands up, shielding the confused Hope. The machine comes closer looking mean at the young fox girl.

“For her sake, you better be telling the truth! Or else she and that nasty Kinomi will be turned to tomato-puré!!!” She shouts and grabs Gyro.

“No, stop!!! Leave him alone!” Hope tries desperately to get Gyro out the iron-grip, but gets pushed away by the psycho machine as she flies off with her creator.

“I better call Ember.” The fox girl says worried as she watches them disappearing in the sky and picks her phone in the pocket.

When the light fade awat, Kinomi finds herself at the exact same spot, the difference was Ember was gone and the trees were slightly bigger.

“If Gyro´s sister were telling the truth, I will see what the future holds for us.” The albino mobian says determent and walks down to the city to the nearest library and searches for Gyro´s address on a computer.

“Luckily, it is not that far away, it is only a few houses away from his parents…” She thinks for herself as she prints a map. She grabs the paper and hits the road.

Few moments later, she arrives at a big, beautiful modern house.
“This most be the place…” She mumbles and walks closer to read the names on the mailbox.

“Hmm… it only says Robotnik and Hedgehog… That doesn’t help me much…” She sighs. In the distance, she can hear voices from the backyard.

“I guess I have to have a peak.” She grins and sneaks to the other side of the building and hides in the thick bushes.
On a big lawn, she saw an older version of Ember, playing baseball with three kids. The oldest of them was a pale grey boy, with black markings around his yellow eyes, he had two big quills in the back of his head and those on his forehead had the shape of a hash leaf.
The two other kids were girls; the oldest of them was dark gray with orange markings and bright lemon green eyes. She had her thick hair in a pony tail.
The youngest of them was white with yellow markings and ocean blue eyes, she had ordinary quills which were quite similar to Kinomi´s own.
Kinomi´s eyes widen and she looks more around. Not so far away from the kids and Ember, she saw Hike, Gyro´s good friend, talking to an unknown black and blue mobian hedgehog male, similar to Shadow, and a light grey male bat with red eyes, metal studs on his wrists, sunglasses and leather pants near a barbecue.
The bat turns on some heavy metal music from a nearby ghetto-blaster and starts head banging, the other seems amused and starts dancing to the music as well.
On the other side of the lawn another young unknown female mobian appears, at first Kinomi thought this girl was Maria, but as she came closer, she realized it wasn’t. She had almost the same appearance as Maria, except she was younger, early teen, was smaller, had “one” eye that was ruby red and white front hair, that shines as the inside of an oyster in rainbow colours. She was caring some flowers which she puts on the table. The albino hedgehog studies her for a while until something else caught her attention. Out of the corner of her eyes, an orange and red female fox with three tails flies by with some fabric in her hand, that was Hope. The grey bat joins her in the air, and they unfold the fabric and hangs in on the wall of the house.

“Happy Birthday and Gyro and Ember. 30 years” Kinomi reads.
Underneath the banner, something white emerges from the garden door, it was her future self. The outfit was all different, she was wearing a light green and blue dress, her quills were a little longer, by the looks of her face she had obviously matured and she was heavily pregnant!
Kinomi´s heart skipped a beat as an older Gyro stepped out behind the other Kinomi.

“Oh my... GOD! He is so handsome!” Kinomi whispers to herself amazed and leans a little closer to have a better look at him as he helps her other self on a seat, they talk a little and he rests his hand on her large belly as they kisses.
“So calm and confident… he has changes a lot…” She thought to herself dreamy as all of sudden a white ball landed next to her.

“I’ll get it, Gadget!” A boy voice sounds. Kinomi fur raises, and before she has time to react, she was sitting face to face with the young pale grey hedgehog boy.

“Mama? What are you doing here? Where is the baby?” He asks confused with his little voice and points at her belly. Kinomi freezes not knowing what to say, and grabs the Chronos Emerald in her pocket.

“Silver?!” A familiar voice sounds behind them; it was the older Gyro, peaking his head inside the bush. He gives the nervous Kinomi an ensuring smile and crawls inside of the bush.

“Son, why don’t you go back and play with the others?” He asks the confused boy who just stares at the albino hedgehog girl.

“Oh um sure dad…” He says hesitating still puzzled, Gyro smiles and leans closer to the boy.

“This will stay between you and me, ok kiddo?… I will explain this to you later” Gyro gives his son an ensuring blink, Silver gives a little nod and runs off,

“I FOUND THE BALL, GADGET!” He shouts as he returns to the others.

“Kids…” Gyro laughs a little and turns his attention to the speechless Kinomi.
“I know why you are here… your other self told me to look out for ya.” He says calm.

“Sorry I doubted you…” Kinomi apologizes a little unsecured, as this wasn’t part of her plan to be exposed.

“There is no need to my dear… I made the biggest mistake of not asking you in the first place.” He says and rests his hand on her shoulder. The touch made Kinomi´s checks burn, she was actually blushing.

“What am I suppose to do?” She asks with a low voice and looks the other way a little shy.

“You take the Chronos Emerald in your hand and return to the timeline 15 years ago. Go to the harbor and look for the warehouse with most graffiti, you can’t miss it. There you will find me being kept as hostage by Metal Kinomi.” He says and takes her hand out of her pocket, now both holding the stone.

“Is there something else I should know?” She asks unsure.

“Stay strong! The situation you soon will face will seem hopeless, but we will find a solution together. I will ask you to trust me, no matter what I do, just trust me!” He says and kisses her forehead before he backs out of the bush. Kinomi looks after him a little and sees him returning to her other self.
She sighs a little and looks at the gem in her hand.

“Well… Here goes nothing… Chronos Control!!!” She shouts and is gone in a bright white flash.

“Look Metal Sonic or whoever you are! I don’t know how to operate that thing! Please leave my son alone!!!” Maria begs while she is being tied to a chair next to Gyro in an abandon warehouse by the mechanic horror.

“The name is Metal Kinomi and soon just Kinomi, Mother.” A metallic voice sounds, similar to Kinomi´s.
“You were brought back from the death by that machine.” The robot says after binding the final loop, she goes to a great machine with a large pod and hook up some wires.

“True. But it wasn’t me who operated it!” Maria tries. The machine looks a little thoughtful at her for a while and then nods.

“I believe you… that makes quite sense… But never the less… you and my dear Gyro, are the only ones I can find that has the required knowledge to operate it.” She says after a moment of silence, and aims her attention to the ebony hedgehog boy, who gulps when he eye-contacted with her.

“My dearest Gyro… My master I beg you! Make me real! So I can fulfill my purpose and make you the happiest mobian in the world.” She says humble and kneels down next to him and looks intensely in his ocean-blue eyes with a puppy like expression. The young hedgehog boy turns the other cheek and ignores her.

“Metal Kin, it can’t work out… it's the real Kinomi I want… not you…” He sighs trying to sound calm, deep down, he was terrified.

“But I can be just as real as her! Please give me a chance! You can make me so I look exactly like her! See! I have a DNA sample!” She says encouraging and hands her creator a white quill. But he drops it on purpose on the ground and shakes his head.

“For the last time, Metal Kin… the answer is no… I might make you sound like her, smell like her, look like her, but you will still not be her… Don’t you get it? You are a totally different person! Besides I don’t even think your wish is possible… I doubt robots has souls.” He says and went silent when he sees the rage building up in the robot´s eyes.

“Shut up! You're lying! LYING!!!” She yells in Gyro´s face.
“I have a conscious that is the same as a soul!” She says angry.

“Your conscious is a program in a chip…” Gyro tries but gets interrupted.

“Help me or else it is bye bye to mommy!!!” The robot threats and approaches Maria.
She might be ageless, but NOT immortal. She will be too easy to terminate.

“Don’t go that way…” Gyro begs.

“Oh yeah, watch me!” Metal Kin grabs Maria´s neck, but let go when a small brick hits the back of her metallic head.

“Hey you!!!!” A familiar voice sounds.

“Pick someone on your own size!” Metal Kinomi turns around and sees her original.

“YOU?!!!” The robot shouts furiously when she sees an albino hedgehog girl in a black dress few meters from herself.

“Beat it, Fake-omi! He's mine!!!” The machine treats and takes a step closer.

“Make me!” The white hedgehog taunts. The machine growls loudly and her eyes turns all bright glowing red. She let out a high metallic scream and she pursues the intruder through the warehouse, while shooting furiously with her minigun.

“You can never have him!!! You hear me?!!! He is mine!! All mine!!!!” She yells hysterically as she chases Kinomi.

“Shit! She is just as fast as me! How am I going to defeat her…?” Kinomi think for herself while she is running and dodging the bullets.
“Let me think… she has a few advantages by being a robot. She can’t feel pain and she has some quite effective weapons… Woah!” The white hedgehog jumps to the side when a great missile passes by; she makes a swift turn to avoid the impact and keeps running.
“But she is very emotional and doesn’t seem particular rational. I gotta make this my advantages some way… but how…? Gyro… he is her weakness…” Kinomi thinks and looks in his and Maria´s way, they both seem worried. She can faintly hear Gyro calling her to get away, but she was determined, she wouldn’t leave him behind.

“I'm afraid, but there is only one way… I sure hope it works! Please forgive me, Gyro…” Kinomi thinks for herself and makes another swift turn and looks back over her shoulder, facing the mad robot.
“Is that all you got, you old trashcan?” She teases the machine.

“Why you little!!!!” Metal Kinomi shouts hysterical and fires all her missiles at Kinomi. The albino hedgehog acts fast and jumps to the side.

“NO!!!!” Metal Kinomi shouts when she realizes the missiles are aiming straight at Gyro and Maria. She speeds up, grabs their chairs and tosses them to the side, before being hit by her own missiles. The explosion caused the wall to fall and she got covered by tons of bricks.

Kinomi rushes back to their side and get them free from the chairs.
“Are you all right?” She asks and helps them back on their feet.

“We are fine. Thanks hon…, but how did you know she would do that?” Maria asks and looks a little uneasy over her shoulder.

“Let’s just say that doing one of my time-traveling, I got some useful information…” The albino hedgehog says calm and turns her attention to the ashamed ebony and orange hedgehog boy.

“I am truly sorry about this, Kinomi..., it was never my intention…” Gyro says, but silences when Kinomi place her finger on his lips.

“Gyro, I want you to be honest with me… Why did you built her?” Kinomi asks and tilts her head questioning.

“Well… there is this upcoming ball and I wanted to bring someone, so that’s why I built her…”
Maria gives him a little slap on the shoulder.
“AUW! MOM!” He shouts, but she simply crosses her arms and gives him the eyes. Gyro sighs.

“I have always believed you wouldn’t find a geeky and minor-year-old boy like me interesting… A kid, you used to babysit, tell stories to and change diapers on…The truth is I wanted this person to be you… Since the first time I saw you 10 years ago, I wanted to be with you…. I… I love you, Kinomi, I always have.” He says and looks ashamed the other way, as he can feel how his cheeks burn. Kinomi smiles and takes his hands in her's.

“You know what Gyro? With and without diaper… I love you too…” She chuckles and leans closer to give him a kiss.

“NOOOOO!!!!!” A horrifying scream sounds and bricks flies as Metal Kinomi breaks free!

“GYRO BELONGS TO ME!!! YOU DON’T DESERVE HIM!!!” The insane machine shouts and attacks Kinomi with a powerful punch in her stomach followed by another in the face. Kinomi takes a few steps back and jumps to the side to avoid another hit, but she was dizzy and in pain and couldn’t react in time when Metal Kinomi hits her again forcing her to the ground. She rolls on the ground to prevent the mad machine stamping on her. Gyro jumps on the robot´s bag and punch her hardest he can.

“Damn it! Why wasn’t I born with super powers?!” He shouts frustrated as she with a swift move simply pushes him off.
“Metal Kinomi, I command you to release her this instance!!!” He says with a raised fist and he attacks her again, but gets once more pushed away.
Maria digs in her pocket and grabs her phone. She pushes some bottoms, and it starts to emit different loud sounds.

“Why ain't it working?!” She asks frustrated.
“GYRO?!” She looks at her son and frowns.

“I didn’t thought an emergency switch would be necessary okay!” The ebony hedgehog shouts and grabs a large brick and tosses it at Metal Kinomi, but it just bounce off leaving only a small dent.
The robot gives the albino hedgehog the final blow and knocks her to the ground.

“Gyro belong to me! You don’t deserve him.” The machine says and looks down at her defeated opponent.

“He doesn't belong to anyone! Especially not you! You Jealous Bi…” Kinomi gasps but silences when the robot grabs her around the neck and picks her up from the dirt.

“SHUT UP! After I'm Done with you. I'll be the only Kinomi in this world! AND BE REAL!” The robot says and tightens her grip.
All of sudden a loud bang sounds behind them and a cloud of dusts follows.

“You stay away from her, you BITCH!!!”

They look back at the dirt-cloud and a familiar shape appears from it… it was Ember! The raspy sound indicates she had been running and still hadn’t caught her breath.
“Why wasn’t I born with super-speed?” She sighs and runs towards Metal Kinomi and tackles her, the force from the impact caused the robot to let go of her victim. The red hedgehog gives the machine lots of powerful punches and kicks that leave deep dens in the metallic surface.

“Damn it, Gyro! Why did you her so solid?!” The red with blonde hair mobian shouts at her brother. While the red mobain is distracted by talking, Metal Kinomi tries to make a counter attack and hits her in the face, but the red hedgehog girl didn’t seemed affected by it, the robot then tries with a circle kick, but Ember grabs her leg and start spinning with her. After gaining enough momentum, she let go of the robot, and Metal Kinomi flies in high speed to the other side of the building like a lifeless ragdoll. The wall collapses from the impact like it was made with toy bricks.
Weakened Metal Kinomi stands up all shaking, fighting to stay on her feet. The dress was ripped apart, the metal plates that served as the surface of the machine was totally shredded, her metallic bones and machine part underneath were all exposed. Her left arm was hanging lifeless and one of her eyes was broken.

“Aren’t you dead yet?” Ember sighs and grabs a thick metal pipe on a wall and polls it of like it was nothing and runs towards the machine at full speed. After gaining enough momentum, she set off for a fly kick.
When Ember is only few meters from Metal Kinomi, the robot makes her move, she transform her still working arm into a minigun and fires one shoot.
Ember eyes widens, but she doesn’t have time to scream or react before the bullet hits her forehead, and pass right through her brain and out on the other side of the skull.

“EMBER!!!!” They all scream as they watch her falling lifeless to the ground.
Metal Kinomi stands up and walks towards Ember.

“You shoot my sister!” Gyro yells shocked and runs to the red hedgehog girl´s side followed closely by his mother and the real Kinomi.

“Don’t worry… she is not dead… That is the beauty of being immortal…. “ Metal Kinomi says cold as she watches Gyro closing Ember´s eyes to prevent them from drying out.

“Look. Her bleeding has already stopped, and it has begun drying…," She says and points at the blood on the floor, which was unusually light… almost glowing!

“In a few moments, she will be back to her old self… if I don’t blow her head off for good! So I won’t say this again… Gyro! Make me real!” The robot commands and aims her minigun at Ember´s lifeless body.

“…Okay… you win….” Gyro says after a moment of thinking. He stands up and takes a fresh quill from Kinomi. The white hedgehog looks confused and shocked at the ebony and orange hedgehog boy.

“You let her win?!” She whispered to Gyro, but he ignores her and goes to the machine and picks some tools from a nearby toolbox and opens it. He screws and knocks inside the machine and pulls out a wire. The mechanic horror gradually relaxes, and she lowers her gun that is aimed the passed out Ember in Maria´s arms. A smile slowly emerges and she walks to his side and watches.

"That should do the trick..." He says simple and looks at her.
"You are sure you want to do this?" He asks her seriously.

"Of course I am! I wanna be with you and be complete" She says happy.

"Well... the only thing that is missing is the material for your body." He sighs.

"It has been handled" She says eagerly as a young child and rushes away and comes back with a great pot with mixed food. Gyro gives her sign and she pours the content in one of the great containers.

"The only thing that is missing is getting you hocked up ..." He says after finishing screwing a stick to the loose wire.

“You do realize there is no turning back…” He says but Metal Kinomi ignores him and takes a seat next to the great machine.

“I can finally be a real hedgehog girl!” The robot says excited and bends her head, allowing him access to her control panel. Gyro plants his hand behind the ear and then pushes the switch that turns her off.

“Gyro, you sneaky fox!” Maria chuckles to her son.

“Way to go Gyro!!!” Kinomi says happy and relieved, but her smile gradually fades when Gyro opens Metal Kinomi´s head and hocks up the wire.

“What are you doing?!!” The albino hedgehog asks worried and stands up.

“Setting things right… She is my responsibility…” The ebony and orange hedgehog boy explains calm and start pushing some buttons.

“But…” Kinomi says insecure.

“Trust me.” He says and gives her a smirk and shows her the white quill, which now was tangled with an orange hair. He places the samples in the machine´s DNA scanner pod, then pushes some buttons and finally the great red one.
The machine starts to emit a great noise, almost sounding like an airplane taking off. Lightning and sparks dances on the surface on the machine and Gyro takes a step away to not get in contact with it.
All that is over after a few minutes and finally the door to the capsule opens. At first they are meet by a thick steam making it impossible to see, Gyro takes a step closer to get a better vision.

“It worked! IT WORKED!!!” They suddenly hear a young girl shouting from it and a shape appears in the smoke.

“Gyro, you are a genius!!! I love you! I LOVE YOU!!!” A white young hedgehog girl jumps out of the steam, right into a surprised Gyro´s arms.

“You have completed me.” She says blissfully in his arms and let goes, she looks a little surprised when she realizes she is that much smaller than him.

“Oh… I guess I am not full grown… oh well, I can wait a little longer.” She smiles, but it fades when she sees the black marking on her arms.

“What the…?” She says shocked and turns her sight to the metallic surface on the machine. The reflection reveals a tiny white hedgehog girl, about 11-12 years old, with wild black hair, black markings similar to Gyro´s on the arms, legs and around her yellow eyes.

“I don’t look like her at all!!!!” She shouts and looks questioning at Gyro.

“That is right, you don’t.” Gyro says and crosses his arms.

“I don’t understand… why?” She asks a little uneasy.

“Because you are not her… You are my creation, inspired by Kinomi… No matter how hard you would try, you would still not be her... I have mixed our DNA, so you are genetically our child.”

“Why did you do that?!” The little girl asked disturbed and angry.

“Because I want you to be an individual… I want you to live your own life, and find happiness your way. To mark the change, your name is no longer Metal Kinomi, but Kiyomi” Gyro says simple.

“…no… NO! NO! NOOOOOO!!!” The girl shouts angry.
“This is not what I wanted!!! I wanted to take her place and be with you!!!!” The little white hedgehog cries.

“I am sorry… but it can’t work…” The inventor tries to comfort the child and kneels down to her.

“You! YOU IDIOT! MORON!!!!” She yells in his face and slaps him with all her might. Gyro falls on his tail and holds himself to the cheek. Kiyomi takes a step back and looks surprised at her hand which was now all pink.

“Huh? What is wrong with my hand?!” She asks shocked and looks intensely at it.

“Reality hurt, doesn’t it?” Kinomi growls at her as she goes to Gyro´s side and helps him up.

“This is all your fault!!! We could have been happy together!” The girl stamps in the ground with rage in her eyes staring at the albino hedgehog.

“You spoiled brat! You do realize he could have left you turned off, but instead he decided to fulfill your wish… You owe him your life!” The white hedgehog says with a cold stare to the child and then checks Gyro´s cheek.

“You! You stay away from him!!!” The girl shouts and runs towards them. Kinomi turns around swiftly and grabs her arm in a lock and forces her to the ground.
The girl struggles for a while to get free, but the pain becomes too much for her and she have to accept defeat. When the little hedgehog calms down, the albino hedgehog let go off her. Kiyomi takes a quick step away.

“You haven’t heard the last of me!!! You hear me!!! I will be back!” She yells with the full strength of her lungs and runs off in high speed. Kinomi is about to pursue her, but Gyro gently grabs her hand and gives it a little squish.

“Let her go… She needs time…” He says and turns his attention to his sister and mother.
“How is she?” He asks Maria worried and kneels down to them.

“Her injury is healed… but she is still unconscious. I guess I should try wake her up. Please forgive me hon…” The yellow mobian says and gives her child a firm slap in the face.
“Aaaaaaaah…. My head…” The red hedgehog girl mumbles and tries to sit up.
“What did I miss…?” She asks dizzy and rubs herself in the face, her eyes widens when she sees the dried blood on her white glow.
“Huh?” She asks puzzled and rubs herself in the back of the head and finds more.
“What the?” She looks back and finds a dried puddle of blood with a bullet in the middle.
“That is fucked up…” She says disturbed with wide open eyes as she picks it up.
“She shoot me? That trashcan shoot moi?!” She asks angry.
“Just wait to I get my hands on her!” Ember says and stands up. But Gyro grabs her arm.

“We have handled that matter… She is gone. Gyro made her real and now she is a regular little girl… She can’t hurt us anymore…” Kinomi explains and points that the trashed robotic body, still sitting in the chair.

“It is a shame… I would really like to kick her butt!” Ember says annoyed and crossed her arms. Maria chuckles a little to herself and shakes her head but then turns thoughtful.
“I sure hope she'll be fine…” The yellow mobian says worried and looks at the exit a little anxious.

“If she is in trouble, she will know where to find us.” Gyro explains to his worried mother who nods a little.

“Gyro… there is something that I don’t understand… Didn’t you say that robots don’t have a soul? I mean how was it possible? Did you know that it would work?” Kinomi asks thoughtful and same time puzzled.

“Frankly I didn’t know if it was gonna work or not, I guess I just wanted to give it a try…” He shrugs to the albino hedgehog.

“Of course she had a soul Gyro…” Maria shakes her head and looks at her son.

“Huh?” The young mobians looks at her questioning.

“When you create something that you put your mind and heart into, a creation that really means something to you, you will automatically pass some of your own spirit to your creation… Your feelings for the real Kinomi was very strong since you were able to create a soul like hers…” The mother hedgehog explains to her speechless child who looks at Kinomi a little shy.
“It's late… let us get out of here before something else happens.” Maria sighs and the youngsters nods and follows her outside.

“What a way to spend your birthday…” The yellow mobian sighs as she watches the sun sets in the ocean outside the warehouse.

“Speaking of which, shouldn’t we celebrate while we still can?” Ember asks.

“I think that is a great idea, wouldn’t you agree my dear.” Kinomi says flirting to the ebony mobian boy who blushes a little.

“Yeah I suppose so, but how? We haven’t had time to buy a cake or food…” He says when she looks at him in the eyes.
“Why don’t we go out?”

“Go out?!” Gyro gulps.

“Yeah like a date.” The albino girl giggles.

“Sounds good to me! Mom and I can stay in the background, so you lovebirds won’t be disturbed.” Ember chuckles and rests her arm on Maria´s shoulder.

“But… I'm not sure if I am ready for a date…” Gyro says insecure.
“I need a bath, decent cloth and…” He silences as she removes his glasses

“You look good enough to me.” She smiles at him, awkward he tries to return it, but then looks a little uneasy.

“But without my glasses, I can’t see you…” He says sad.

“Oh yeah that reminds me…” Ember says and digs her hand in her pockets and pick up a small box with a ribbon.

“Happy B-day bro!” She says and hands it to him.

“But I don’t have anything for you…” He says ashamed.

“I will manage you can always owe me. Now open it!”
Gyro does as his sister asks and opens the small present.

“Oh my!” He says surprised and picks up an even smaller box containing a pair of contact lenses.

“It's from mom and I… please put them on!” Ember says with a big grin. Gyro does as she says and after few moments, he has his vision back without the glasses. Kinomi takes his hand and together, they all four head to the city.

Hours later, in Shadow and Maria house, Gyro and Kinomi is fast asleep in the sofa in the living room, next to them Ember rest in a big chair. Maria turns off the TV and the video game console, she smiles motherly at them and covers them with warm blankets.
She picks up some empty plates and walks to the exit, again she looks over her shoulder. To see her son with a big smile on his face, hugging his love, who sleeps silently in his arms. Carefully, she turns off the light.

Few moments later, the light to the master bedroom turns on and Maria enters, she yawns tired and change her clothes. She lies on the big bed and stare straight at the great window in the ceiling, in the distance, a small click sounds and the light automatically turns off.
As she stares at the night sky, she can feel how tired she actually was in her body. Slowly she closes her eyes, but they open wide when her hearing picks up something and she smiles a little to herself.

“I know you are there…” She says simple and turns her sight to the door. In the darkness, a shape stood.

“Sorry, I didn’t come home earlier… Omega had suffered some bad injuries… I just had to stay…” A dark male voice sounds.
“It's not me you are gonna explain to...” Maria just shakes her head a little and smiles more as she invites the person to join her in the bed. As the shape comes closer the faint moonlight reveal his identity, it was Shadow.

“God, I have missed you!” He says and wraps his arms around her and picks her up from the bed to a tender hug. Maria hugs back and gives him a soft kiss on the lips as he turns his sight to her. He digs his hand in her soft blond hair and lets his fingers run through it, he wasn’t wearing his glows. He puts her carefully back and lays himself next to her and rests his head in her arms so he can hear her heart.

“You have no idea how much I have missed that sound…” He sighs and closes his crimson eyes.
“How do you feel? Have you told them yet about the little one yet?” He asks her and gently touches her belly.

“Nope… I would wait till you were home. I will tell them at their birthday party.” She says and gently tightens her grip around her love as they both falls asleep…

Somewhere else not so far away, a doorbell sounds faintly in some big and dark halls made of metal.

“What idiot on earth bothers ringing on my door at this time of the night…” An elderly man with a brown mustache growls. He was wearing classic night clothes with a hat on his bald head and pink rabbit slippers. He walks to the door still brushing his teeth, with tooth paste all over his face he opens the door.

“Hello…” He sighs tired, but he doesn’t see anyone.
“Damn kids…! Playing a prank on an old man like me!!!” He growls and is about the close the door when he hears a small voice beneath him.
“Hello! Down here!”
Surprised he does as the voice says and looks down and gets eye contact with a white, mobian hedgehog girl with black hair, markings and yellow eyes, she was only wearing a black plastic bag.

“Little girl, you shouldn’t be here… Beat it! Go home to your parents!” He growls and closes the door. Determined, she grabs the door.

“I don’t have any… I wanna be part of your Eggman empire!” She shouts as she struggles with keeping the door open.

“Wait a second… you want to join us?” He asks surprised and opens the door a little more.

“Take me in and teach me everything you know!” She begs.
“Make me a real soldier, so I can fight for you!” She says and let go of the door as it opens.
The old man looks a little suspicious at her, but then nods and opens the door fully.

“I accept you offer, I will teach you… In time we will see if you got what it takes… What is your name, little girl?” He asks her.

“It is Kiyomi…” She says simple.

The end.... for now....

Kinomi belongs to :iconkinomi-hedgehog:
Hope belongs to :iconpenacalada:
Hike belongs to :iconsetack-skrfo:

Other characters that have appeared (cameos):
Stone the Hedgehog who belongs to :iconk-avril:
Hal the Bat who belongs to :iconmetalheadfan2500:

Shadow the hedgehog and the original Maria Robotnik are copyright SEGA
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THIS IS THE AWESOMEST FANFIC I'VE EVER READ!!! I loved every detail of it. I've noticed in the Sonic fanbase that everyone uses Silver as an excuse to pair Shadow with Amy, even when the writer of 06 only said he was a descendant of them. They clearly forget how family trees work. So does this mean that the original Kinomi is Amy's daughter/granddaughter somewhere along the line? Because I notice she bares a faint resemblance to her. IDK. Anyways, I'm also glad you didn't play the clone clash card. I honestly find it cliché now, and it's been used far too many times. Overall, I don't really see anything wrong with the story. A few simple spelling/grammatical errors, but nothing serious. It was a great story.
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Eggman: Mike Pollock
Kinomi: Amy Birnbaum
M. Kinomi: Tabitha Morella (with robotic voice alteration)
Kiyomi: Tabitha Morella (without voice alteration)
Hope: Alison Stoner
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