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Long time no see

Thu Sep 3, 2015, 5:40 AM

Hi Da

It has been a long while. Many things has happened the past months.

First; I got myself a new job as a character animator at a company that promotes CPR and other lifesaving skills, I started there in January. There my job is primarily to create animations in 3D that illustrates how you perform the skills correctly and increase the chances to save the victims.


Next to my job I have started on a few time consuming projects which probably is the main reason for why I haven’t been that active lately.

I have been working on some animation for my showreel, because that is something you can always use. And I have been building something big and very ambitious! I will post images when it is done ;)


Before I end my journal, I want you to know I really appreciate your support despite I may not always show it. And thank you all for your birthday greetings, it gets tougher every year, I am beginning feeling a bit old O.O

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Breezie the hedgehog by lu-raziel
Breezie the hedgehog

Breezie the Hedgehog

I have wanted to draw her for a long time

To those who aren’t familiar with Breezie:
Breezie is a character from an old cartoon series called “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” (also known as
AOSTH). She is a robot who is created by Robotnik. Her original purpose was to distract Sonic and lead him to his doom, eventually she had a change of heart and is now a friend and ally of the blue hedghehog.


Please don’t steal or trace

Professor Gerald Robotniks legacy: P1 by lu-raziel
Professor Gerald Robotniks legacy: P1

The sequel to ”Return of Maria Robotnik”

Warning! This is a fan-fiction which will contain some fan-character mixed with the official Sonic the Hedgehog characters. If you don’t like fan-character, please go somewhere else.

Everyone else happy reading and Merry Christmas :santa:

Please dont steal or trace thank you.




Professor Gerald Robotnik´s legacy: part 1


                           She gave a small gasp as something inside her hit her sore inner organs with an intense force. The young, golden mobian hedgehog sat up in her bed and placed her hand on her large swollen belly. As she slowly recovered from the intense pain, she looked over her shoulder to find her lover sound asleep next to her. She sighed in relief that her sudden outburst hadn’t disturbed him.


                           “You sure are your father´s babe,” she said to her large belly, still rubbing it, with a mix of pain and pride in her soft voice. Underneath her nightclothes, a bright, pulsing, golden glow could be seen.


                           It was almost thirteen years ago she made her miraculous return, and many things had happened over the years. She recently finished her education and had become a kind of celebrity of her own right, not for just being the ultimate lifeform´s girlfriend or creation of Doctor Eggman, but for being the youngest graduate ever in the field. She had been praised for her intellect and discipline, and she had to confess that it filled her with pride and joy. One of the things she wanted most in life was to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and continue his work to make the world a better place.  She wanted to make him proud! Becoming a great scientist and having a family with Shadow what was she wanted most. She looked at him again to see him lying on his back with no blanket on. She blushed a little.  Despite being in her mid-twenties and having been with him for all those years, he could still bring those feelings up in her.


                           When she was still human, she never had those feelings or thoughts of him as she had now. If she was to judge his attraction based on the physics only back then, it was just like looking at a pretty flower or a perfect specimen of a purebred pet. She considered him to be good-looking in mobian standards and that was all. There was nothing deeper… no real physical attraction…. However spiritual wise, it was a lot more different.  If he had been a human boy things might had been different…


                           The glowing in her large belly started to fade and so did her smile… She had everything she could ever want in life.  She had a boyfriend she loved and who adored her above everything else. She had good and loyal friends who supported her. Ivo… despite their disagreements and his sometimes odd ways of helping or expressing his affection towards her, he was her only family besides Shadow.


                           Ivo had literally held a gun to her rector’s head and told him to sign her up for her study, despite she didn’t had any relevant education or background.  She learned about it almost a year after she started. At first she was angry and ashamed. She wanted to leave as she didn’t felt she was worthy of her position and she believed her teachers only had given her good grades because they were scared of Ivo. Luckily, she later learned that the grades were earned fair and square and the school wished to keep her as they considered her as a real protégé. It took some time before she could forgive Ivo for meddling in her life like that, but she knew deep down he meant well.


                           After finishing her education, she had started on an internship at GUN´s research department, and shortly after, she discovered she was pregnant, which had come as big surprise to herself and everyone who knew who and what she was. Technically it wasn’t possible for her to conceive at all! Humans and chimpanzees share over 90% genes and they aren’t compatible species. Being around 50% human and 50% mobian, she had less in common genetically with Shadow or anyone else for that matter.

The pregnancy was an unexplainable miracle, as well as a blessing. She just wished Shadow saw it the same way…. When she first told him, he had gone pale and terrified. His only reply was she should have an abortion immediately. Who knows what horrors could be growing inside of her? Shadow himself was more Black Arms Alien than he appeared, and he feared it could have been passed on to the child. He feared her motherly feelings and instincts would cloud her judgment, and the ordeal could cost her life.

                           They had eventually agreed that further actions could be taken once they knew precisely what was inside of her. They went to Ivo in the hopes he could provide them with the info they needed. After many attempts and tests, he couldn’t give them any clear answers. The unborn child radiated a strong chaos energy field made it impossible to get a scan, and for some unknown reasons the samples turned out useless. They had no idea what species the child was, if it was a boy or girl, or if there were more than one!

With all the uncertainty, Shadow kept insisting she should have an abortion.  In his eyes, she was taking an unnecessary risk and her feelings were clouding her judgment. If she wanted a child so bad, she could just adopt. But she refused…. This could be her only chance to have a child of her own. True there were many children in the world who needed a mother and it filled her heart with sadness, but she wished so bad to experience what it felt like to have a life growing inside of her and bringing it into the world, witnessing a piece of her grow up and becoming an individual of his or her own right. Was that a selfish wish?


                           Unlike Shadow, Eggman, Sonic, and the gang had expressed great joy by the news and support. That proved to come in handy when the news came to GUN and the president´s attention that there was potentially another ultimate lifeform on the way. Maria was asked personally by the president himself to get an abortion since the child could pose a national threat.


                           Her unborn child would be a worth a fortune on the black market. Many would attempt to steal it.  Some would be willing to die trying. If the child turned out be evil or fell into the wrong hands, they would all be in serious trouble.


                           Shadow had fortunately never killed anyone, but he had injured a few people and had lots of material damage on his conscience. A normal person or mobian wouldn’t get away with what he had done, but since they couldn’t lock him up in without literally starting a war and he sincerely felt remorse, they decided to make a compromise. Shadow would enter GUN and help make the world a better and safer place. Despite he worked for GUN and was under the commander´s command, no one had real power to control him or tell what to do. Shadow was a one man army, a god among people. The world didn’t need another one…


                           During her talk with the president, Shadow had stepped up and defended her. Even though he too believed an abortion was the best solution, it was still Maria´s decision to make;  it was her right. As her partner, he felt it was his duty to be supportive in whatever she did. Sonic and his friends had too voiced their support.


                           The president had no interest in jeopardizing his alliance with the mobians, plus he had no interest in getting on Shadow´s bad side. With all the uncertainty, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble… A compromise was made.


                           Maria was to spend her whole pregnancy and the first couple of years with her child on a secret military facility in a faraway land. They could first leave when the child had reached an age where it could tell the difference between good and evil.


                           With a heavy heart she accepted the president’s proposal. Shadow seemed more content with that solution….


                           Now they both lived on a small island somewhere in the Philippines far away from everything and everyone they knew.  With them there was a small group of soldiers who watched her every move and made sure no one unwanted got near the island.

                           Fortunately, Shadow was not the only one she knew who had signed up for the mission. One night shortly after they had arrived, Rouge showed up uninvited and took all the soldiers by surprise. With that stunt, she managed to convince the commander that he should assign her to the mission too. The soldiers and Shadow may be very effective during the day, but at night they could not match her… Darkness was her domain. Being a bat, her hearing was far better than theirs, plus being a skilled jewel thief and spy also meant she was much stealthier then they were. After sundown, you can only see Rouge if she wishes to be seen, but she will most likely see you!


                           Maria was very relieved when she was told Rouge would be staying with them.


                           Despite they lived together, Shadow had become very distant and didn’t speak much to her or anyone. She knew he was like that because he was troubled by the situation.  He had always reacted that way when something bothered him.  Her grandfather did the exact same thing. She had once been told it was very common for men to act that way when something was bothering them, while women needed to talk about their problems. She knew it wasn’t personal… but it still hurt her feelings that she couldn’t speak with him. Lots of things and lots of feelings were going.  She needed someone she could share with. On that part, Rouge had been a great help. She gladly listened to her and came with good and relevant feedback and advice. Who would have thought they would get so close?


                           The white bat had never said anything, but Maria knew that Rouge had at some point been a little interested in Shadow.


                           The golden mobian hedgehog lost her train of thoughts as she felt another powerful kick, this time close to her bladder. She grinded her teeth from the pain. The kicks had become more and more intense and some of them were quite painful. Her child possessed an immense strength already.  It wouldn’t be ordinary that was for sure, especially for its ability to go into super form without a Chaos Emerald. She looked down to see her swollen belly glowing again.


                           “If you are a girl, I think I will name you Ember. Seems quite fitting considering that you literally fill me with light.” She smiled a little before she checked her bedding.  Luckily, nothing had happened.


                           “I better go empty my bladder before someone else does it for me….” Troublesome, she got out of bed and walked slowly out of the door. Outside the bedroom, she was met by an intense but somewhat cold light in the long and empty hallway. As she walked, she leaned up against the wall. The weight from her belly was immense.
magic baby by Toni-the-Mink
She had been told she was larger than an average mobian at this stage. They had no means to check, but there were speculations that she was having more than one, unless it was a quite large child she was going to have. Either way, they had all agreed that she should have a caesarean section just to be safe and the surgery would be done next week. God, she looked forward to holding her child in her arms and prove to Shadow that the child wasn’t dangerous. She wished and hoped he would let go of his fears and come back to her and they could finally be a happy family.


                           True Shadow was part Black Arms, and there was a chance it could be passed on to the child, but everyone seemed to forget that the child was hers as well. Half of its genes would come from her and she would raise it to be good and respect life, just like she taught Shadow that when they were kids…


                           After finishing her business in the bathroom, she went outside and walked down the narrow path to the beach. She inhaled the fresh air and with closed eyes she stepped out in the water. Feeling the warm sea water on her legs had a soothing effect on her spirit. For a while she just stood there, inhaled and exhaled the fresh air. She opened her eyes and looked up into the bright night sky.  By looking at the stars above, she could clearly tell she was somewhere else in the world. The position of the stars were different and there were some she hadn’t seen before she came here.


                           Not so far from her, the sound of flapping broke the silence.  She looked over her shoulder and to her surprise, it was Rouge who was coming her way at full speed. Before the golden hedgehog had time to react, the white bat had picked her up and took her to the sky.


                           “Rouge?! What are you doing?! Where are we going?!!” the golden hedgehog demanded, but the white bat didn’t answer her. Her fast pace and deep breathing indicated she was flying as fast as she could. That notion made the golden hedgehog more uncertain about the situation.


                           “Rouge?” she tried again as they came closer to a large cloud in the sky.


                           “NOW!” the white bat shouted and in a split second, the cloud disappeared revealed a huge flying fortress.


                           “The Egg carrier?!” the golden hedgehog exclaimed in surprise.  A huge metal door opened and Rouge flew inside with Maria. Careful as she could, the white bat dropped Maria before she collapsed on the metal floor. The young hedgehog rushed to the bat´s side.


                           “Rouge?” Maria kneeled down next to the jewel thief.


                           “I’m fine, just need to catch my breath,” she gasped.


                           “You’re hurt!” the golden hedgehog exclaimed.


                           “Calm down… it’s just a scratch,” The bat stood up.  “We have to see Eggman immediately.   You’re not safe here anymore!”  Rouge took her arm and led her to the bridge.   


                           In the large control room, the old, obese doctor sat and observed everything around them.   Not so far from him sat his faithful henchbots who steered the vessel from each of their consoles.  When the large metal door opened and the two mobian women stepped inside, they all turned their sights towards them.


                           “Maria’s back! Our Maria is back!” All three robots cheered as they ran to her and embraced her in an iron tight hug.


                           “Careful tin-cans! Careful!” Rouge growled at them.


                           “I can’t believe we’re going to have a baby!” Decoe chimed excitedly, “A real baby!”


                           “I know, right?” Bocoe replied.


                           “Yay! A baby!” Bokkun cheered.


                           “Enough!” A cranky voice sounded.  All the robots took a step away from Maria, allowing free passage for the old doctor.  “Maria, my dear it is so good to see you again,” he said and wrapped his arms around her, which came as a surprise to her as Ivo usually wasn’t particular physical. He must have missed her…


                           “Thank God we found you.  He knows where you are… Everyone knows where you are!”  The old man said sounded very worried, and went to his desk.


                           “What?” the young hedgehog girl asked, confused, and followed him.  “What are you talking about?!” She paused as the doctor handed her a magazine.


                           “This will be the main story of tomorrow’s issue… We have a so-called whistleblower…” Rouge came in from the side.


                           “No….” Maria gasped as she saw her own photo on the cover.  It was taken only a couple of days ago.


                           “I tried to destroy all the evidence, but it is too late,” the white bat apologized, “Too many people know about it already.”


                           “I think I need to sit down….” The young hedgehog slumped down in a nearby chair.


                           “But we have another problem now… The assassin,” The old man said seriously as he handed her a glass of water.


                           “The assassin?!” Maria exclaimed.


                           “Yes….” said Rouge, “Do you remember that there were other girls named Maria that were murdered thirteen years ago?  Around the time you came back? I did some investigating on my own…. There was a connection… It wasn’t a coincidence. The assassin was after you.  Why, I don’t know yet.  But I do know he, she, or it is neither human nor mobian.  It’s some sort of robot that looks a lot like a black and modern version of Metal Sonic, and it can transform into other smaller vehicles, like a motorcycle for example.”  The bat showed her a blurred photo of a motorcycle.


                           “Motorcycle?!” Maria asked surprised.  She could recall almost being run over by one thirteen years ago, and according to Shadow, it didn’t have a driver.


                           “Besides its ability to transform, it appears it’s capable of controlling other machines. That could explain why the NANNY went ballistic and the doors weren’t working on the fortress when she attacked.” Decoe added.


                           “If you what you say is true, then how can we know this assassin robot won’t do the same again? There are machines and computers everywhere,” the golden hedgehog asked.


                           “I have taken care of that,” said Eggman with confidence, “I’ve learned how it works and made an anti-virus software that will prevent it from taking over my fortress or my robots again.”


                           “That’s right!  We all had a software update,” Bocoe added.


                           “Why now?” Maria asked the slightly obese man, “It’s not like I’ve been hiding all those years.  It’s only been for the past few months that  I’ve been underground.”


                           “I don’t know for sure…” Eggman answered, “What happened on the fortress that day thirteen years ago might have somehow temporarily pacified the robot. It was first about a month ago it became active again…”   The young hedgehog girl turned, thoughtful.

                           “Now what, Eggy pooh?” asked Rouge, “What’s your grand plan?”


                           “Well, my plan was we get the hell out of here, and hopefully our friend Shadow will take care of our robot problem,” the old man calmly replied, and walked to the large window in the distance.  The first faint rays of sunlight could be seen.  “As we speak the mechanical nuisance has arrived on the island…”


                           “What?” Maria cried, “We gotta help him!” She tried to get out of her chair, but was stopped in her movement by a kick. She sat down just as fast as she got up.


                           “There is no need to hon,” Rouge assured her, calming her down, “Shadow can take him easily” Rouge calmed her down.  “And besides… I have called for backup.”


                           Outside the vessel, a chopper appeared from the clouds.  “More GUN agents?” Maria asked but was silenced.  By the look on Rouge’s face, she could tell something was’t right.  The bat walked in a quick pace to the window next to the old doctor.


                           “It’s Bishop!…  What’s he doing here?!” The jewel thief wondered displeased.


                           “Whatever he’s up to, it can’t be good…” muttered Eggman.


                           “Good morning, my dear Rouge.  You’re looking fabulous as always… And doctor Eggman,” A male voice emitted from a nearby radio. Decoe left his seat and led Maria out of the room so those in the chopper wouldn’t see her.  “I believe you have my trainee onboard your ship… Hand her over!  It is a matter of national security.” The voice threatened.


                           “He gets a high position at GUN and now thinks he can tell me what to do,” the old doctor growled, “Arrogant, ungrateful brat…” Eggman grabbed a microphone.  “Threaten me again, and I will blow you and your pathetic chopper to smithereens!” He snarled in the microphone.  “Bocoe, show him the gun!”


                           “Yes, Doctor E!” The robot replied and pushed a few buttons.


                           “You are gonna regret this, old man,” the voice sounded again, “I will be back.” The voice sounded disturbingly calm and confident.  Outside they saw the chopper fly away.  


                           From her hiding spot, Maria gave a small sigh of relief.   All what had happened the past hour had left her quite disturbed…




                           Same time on a floating island far away….


                           On a large shrine, a huge green gem was seen hovering.  It faintly glowed and glittered in the moonlight.  It was obviously no ordinary gem.  Not too far away, a red shape was seen sleeping next to the gem.  Its loud snoring was the only thing to be heard in the silence of the night.  It was Knuckles, the guardian of the Master Emerald. He scratched himself on the belly and turned to his other side.  His rest came to an end as the emerald started to glow brighter.


                           “Huh?” He mumbled, tired, and rubbed his eyes. He stood up and turned his sight to the large gem, due to the bright light he had to cover his eyes.


                           “What is going….?” The echidna barely ended his sentence as the huge gem exploded. The shockwave knocked Knuckles down from the shrine. Franticly, he struggled to get back to his feet, and looked up to see a feminine shape standing where the emerald used to be.


                           “Rouge?!” he asked, confused.


                           The sound of his voice startled the unknown woman, and she ran.


                           “HEY, YOU COME BACK HERE!!!” He shouted and pursued the unknown intruder.


                           It didn’t take long before he caught up with her.


                           “Stop fooling around, Rouge!” Knuckles grabbed the unknown woman´s arm firmly and forced her to face him.  “What kind of game…. Wait a second… you’re not her…” The echidna froze.  Before him stood a young mobian hedgehog woman with red short fur on her head and yellow cheeks and skin. She had wild, spiky yellow hair and turquoise eyes. By the looks of her, it was clear that she was scared.

Before the guardian got to say another word, the unknown woman lashed out and hit him so hard that he flew several meters away from her and hit a tree with so much force that it split in two.


                           He sat up and rubbed his now sore eye.  “Wow…” He looked around for the mysterious woman, but she was gone….



Louise F Andersen
Operating System: Windows and Linux, and former DSI user
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow the Hedghog, Maria Robotnik, Mrs Brisby, ED-209

Long time no see

Thu Sep 3, 2015, 5:40 AM

Hi Da

It has been a long while. Many things has happened the past months.

First; I got myself a new job as a character animator at a company that promotes CPR and other lifesaving skills, I started there in January. There my job is primarily to create animations in 3D that illustrates how you perform the skills correctly and increase the chances to save the victims.


Next to my job I have started on a few time consuming projects which probably is the main reason for why I haven’t been that active lately.

I have been working on some animation for my showreel, because that is something you can always use. And I have been building something big and very ambitious! I will post images when it is done ;)


Before I end my journal, I want you to know I really appreciate your support despite I may not always show it. And thank you all for your birthday greetings, it gets tougher every year, I am beginning feeling a bit old O.O

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  • Listening to: Game soundtracks
  • Reading: Facebook
  • Watching: 3D characters doing CPR
  • Playing: Bucky O´hare (NES)
  • Eating: cake
  • Drinking: water


Its a kind of magic

You can find the story so far here:

Episode 1:
1st half Its a kind of magic part 1  1 2 by lu-raziel & 2nd half Its a kind of magic part 1  2 2 by lu-raziel

Episode 2:
1st half Its a kind of magic part 2 FIRST PART by lu-raziel & 2nd half Its a kind of magic part 2 SECOND PART by lu-raziel

In case you don't know what the story is about I will give you a brief summary. ;)

The plot: (most of the text stolen from :iconfrankyding90: with some modifications made by me ;) )

Jack Rittler Jack Rittler by Frankyding90 (property of :iconfrankyding90: ) has been persuaded to babysit little 6 year-old Airy ( a character created by me) by her big sister, Ember. It is against his will to babysit but since he is in debt to Ember he takes the task.
This Kid Sucks by Frankyding90
As the day goes everything seems to be completely normal, but when Jack takes her to see the great Master Emerald something terrible happens once Airy touches the emerald for the first time, which causes her to grow from being only a 6 year-old to being an adult in only a moment!
Airy and Jack sketches 07 by lu-raziel Airy Robotnik by lu-raziel
However, she might appear as a very attractive 19 year-old on her outside, but on the inside she is still an innocent little 6 year-old girl, which makes this incredibly inappropriate in all ways for Jack, and all his boundaries are pushed far beyond limits! This is one of the hardest things Jack has ever had to do, if not the very hardest!
Airy and Jack sketches 04 by lu-raziel Airy and Jack sketches 05 by lu-raziel

The two of them are now finding themselves on a journey to sort out the trouble they have gotten themselves in... A journey that contains everything you could ask for in a good story:
The good guys and the bad guys; friends and enemies;
Kalisto by lu-raziel Donna Prima Mantis by lu-raziel Hellga Steroid Baboushka by lu-raziel The Bikergirls by lu-raziel Olivia Von Shepherd by lu-raziel Sshlange by Frankyding90
The Free Seagull by Frankyding90
It's a Kind of Magic: Day 2 Teaser by Frankyding90
and even down straight horrible/violent acts; bonding and tender moments
Broken by Frankyding90
as well as the complete opposite! Surprises, lots of running for your life
Jack and Airy on the Run by Frankyding90
, supernatural powers, and plenty of lust and temptations…

The whole story is made by me and :iconfrankyding90:
Visit our site and find more pics :meow: :iconfrankziel:

I'm on Paypal!

I have a Paypal :D -->…
Like my work? Please donate! Every penny will be appreciated ;)
Commissions can be arranged! :D


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